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This is our annual Judge's Grand Award, which is presented to the overall Best of Show winner.

It is a beautiful acrylic trophy in the shape 

of the State of Missouri.

Here are a couple of our "Best

Of" awards for the show this year. 

 Attractive acrylic plaques.

Here is an example of our awards this year.

Nice walnut plaques for first, second and third places.


I’m excited to announce a new award which will be an annual part of our contest. We call it “The Eagle--the George Redden Award for Originality and Creativity in Modeling”. We named it after one of our club members who has passed away. His models and dioramas have always inspired us with the stories they tell and their eye catching nature. This beautiful trophy will look good on any mantle or display case. Now, the details. Every model and diorama that enters the contest is eligible to win this award regardless of whether you place in any other category. As head judge and sponsor of this award in George’s honor, I will be judging personally. Normal IPMS judging rules WILL NOT APPLY. What I will be looking for is originality and creativity, as in unusual color schemes, hybrid designs utilizing 2 or more models, scratch building, dioramas that tell a story, either funny or serious, battle damage, what if models. In other words, WOW me, do something that would be passed over in normal contest judging and have fun doing it. That will fulfill the spirit of George’s vision for modeling and my intention when we

created this award. Maybe you’ll take home a great trophy. Everyone will be impressed with all of our awards and we hope to see you all in October.

Good luck and good modeling,

Greg Vanderstel

WCMO club head judge

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